Industry Accreditation


  • Natures Foods Africa (Pvt) Ltd strives for excellent quality and service at all times. Our approach to the production process of our products for our clients is what sets us aside. We are focused on product development and training on a continual basis as per need. We follow the highest standards of food processing possible. We make use of Pristine Health to do all our pest control and deep cleaning services on a monthly basis We have also made it our priority to obtain the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) accreditation in the next year and also aim to get the accreditation.


  • Tax Clearance
  • Terms of Trade

Natures Foods also aims to establish its own in-house laboratory for a much quicker turn around in terms of :- 

  • products development,
  • research,
  • nutritional analysis and
  • certification.